What’s going on?

As the world deals with the Coronavirus outbreak, supporting our medical and research services at the front of this pandemic is essential. So much of the world’s hopes for security and normality returning lie on their shoulders, but right now, they are under a lot of strain. So as gaming profits continue to boom, we feel it’s our duty to give back to those fighting the hardest for us all.

On top of our own contributions, we want to help highlight and encourage those in the gaming industry doing the same.

Latest donations

CD Projekt

Riot Games

Electronic Arts


How it works

Anytime we see news or info of a gaming company contributing funds to local or international health services, we’ll add their contribution to the board.

If we missed your contribution or want to highlight it, fill in the contact form below and we’ll review your submission to be added.

Why We’re Doing This

Gaming is one of the few industries benefiting quite substantially from the current pandemic. Sales and time spent on games have seen a massive rise as people are forced to stay indoors. But this is not a sustainable situation. While most people are under immense financial pressure and uncertainty, those on the front lines in healthcare and medical research need support now more than ever. As gaming companies, we’re some of the few in a place to do so comfortably.

About Us and Our Efforts

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